Changes in the Southern Baptist Convention have gone unnoticed by many members of Southern Baptist churches. 

Southern Baptists were once known for their historic adherence to Baptist principles such as priesthood of all believers, the separation of church and state, local church autonomy, and individual responsibility for interpreting the Bible and applying it to life. A deep trust developed throughout the 20th century in SBC institutions and agencies. Southern Baptist students called to ministry could expect to encounter competent theological education at any of the six SBC seminaries.  

Today, the new leaders of the SBC claim to speak “for?members of Southern Baptist churches on a wide array of political and moral issues. Candidates for political office, including the Presidency, are scrutinized for “approval? by a small group of SBC agency heads and pastors. One nationally-known television evangelist proclaimed that 15,000,000 Southern Baptists will elect the next President of the United States! Students attending the SBC seminaries are exposed exclusively to a Fundamentalist, sometimes Calvinistic, theological education.  

  • What happened? 

  • When and where did the SBC change its course? 

  • Who is responsible? 

  • What happened to seminary professors, agency leaders, and prominent pastors who resisted the revolutionary changes in the SBC?

Out of all that has happened can Baptist people find hope?

This website and an updated book provides a well-documented, factual description of what many have come to understand as “the Fundamentalist takeover in the SBC.?It also introduces the reader to the formation of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, one of several responses from free and faithful churches to the “Takeover.


Three ways to learn about the Takeover in the Southern Baptist Convention

1. Download the book in PDF format

2. Order copies of this book in an attractive soft-bound 117 page book for yourself or small group study.  Contact us via email for more information.

3. Simply read each Chapter online. Your suggestions are welcomed.

Chapter 1: Baptist Beginnings
Chapter 2: Two Kinds of Baptists
Chapter 3: Early Baptist Practices
Chapter 4: Baptists in America
Chapter 5: Southern Baptist Beginnings
Chapter 6: The Southern Baptist Convention Grows
Chapter 7: Two Visions in Conflict
Chapter 8: The Takeover Breaks Ground
Chapter 9: Blueprint of a Takeover
Chapter 10: A Peace Committee, but No Peace
Chapter 11: Building a Takeover: Southwestern Seminary
Chapter 12: Building a Takeover: Foreign Mission Board
Chapter 13: Tools of a Takeover: Biblical Inerrancy
Chapter 14: Tools of a Takeover: Women’s Roles
Chapter 15: Tools of a Takeover: A Common Enemy
Chapter 16: Tearing Down Autonomy: The Takeover’s New Creed
Chapter 17: Tearing Down Missions: The Takeover’s Calvinist Theology
Chapter 18: Tearing Down Religious Liberty: The Takeover’s Political Agenda
Chapter 19: Tearing Down Priesthood of the Believer: The Takeover’s Authoritarian Pastors
Chapter 20: Moderate Responses to the Takeover
Chapter 21: Out of the Wreckage . . . Hope
Chapter 22: CBF Under Attack
Chapter 23: Four Baptist Freedoms
Chapter 24: Relational Models ?Pyramid vs. Molecular


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